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Why Inter Space?

Why Inter Space?INTER SPACE takes priority in understanding your needs. We create a strong bond with our clients from the beginning of each project till our customer is completely satisfied. We value your money and ensure that every requirement of your space design is met by minimizing the cost at the same time bringing out the best.

What do we provide?

What do we provide?INTER SPACE provides a total package of Interior solutions for your beautiful homes or spacious offices to ensure your happiness and peace of mind. Our years of expertise help us deal with timelines and unexpected contingencies to meet your expectations by maintaining a total assurance in quality. For the services we provide the awards are the valuable testimonials that our happy customers give us in return.


Where do we start?

Where do we start?INTER SPACE starts from providing an extensive blueprint and specifications, combined with our highly efficient on-site observation and intensive inspections at equal intervals to ensure that your new custom space is constructed to the highest emphasized standards. Our blue prints and specifications are always clear and accurate as per clients needs!